Welcome to the new Community Sharing section of the Presidents Council website. Here you’ll find information about things to do in the Cities and things to do at your Hi-Rise.

This section is still in progress so there isn’t a lot of information posted yet. Feel free to send information you would like posted or share pictures from community

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  1. Therese Schwartzbauer says:

    I found the Newsletter a positive method of communicating! Is there not enough resident interest/enthusiasm? I would like to resurrect the Iowa Hi-Rise newsletter also and have contacted our Resident’s Council and new manager here on site!
    I have some time and am working on a survey/questionnaire for residents; (even the ones who don’t come to the council meetings) or want to get involved in the planning of activities, to get some ideas of the CURRENT RESIDENTS interests as far as having Speakers, Presentations, Book Clubs, learning about local Resources ie; the Local St. Paul Library is located only 4 blocks down White Bear Ave. We have a Representative from our St. Paul Council coming to our monthly Residents Council Meetings and that is very nice to include the older members who live in the diverse neighborhood that is the Greater East Side. We in the Iowa Hi-Rise can see the Larpentuer Avenue border of the city /suburb of Maplewood and St. Paul two blocks to the North of our building and hear many of their Emergency vehicles (Police, Fire, Ambulances) heading south/east to the panhandle of Maplewood when providing service 24/7.
    Each Hi-Rise has it’s unique and special positive aspects as well as challenges. I was familiar with the Seal Street Hi-Rise 40 years ago when my Grandmother Ann moved in after considering the new location while awaiting an opening at the Hamline (all senior) building, which was located only 1 block from her sister’s house! The Metro Transit Buses and various relatives made Seal an excellent location for 3+ years.
    The city has changed and evolved in many predictable and some very unexpectedly dramatic ways. Hopefully, we have some energetic residents who will like to plan some fun in the forseeable future!

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